France-Canada Innovation Platform

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Reinforcing the France-Canada cooperation on innovation

The President of the French Republic’s visit in Canada in June 2018 was the opportunity to prioritize to the highest level the cooperation between France and Canada. Along with the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in France, President Macron strongly supported the strengthening of the cooperation in the field of innovation between both countries.

Le soutien de la France

A Platform relying on the France Canada Research Fund (FCRF)

The new France-Canada Innovation Platform “IN2NOVATION” will rely on the France-Canada Research Fund (FCRF). Established by the Agreement of July 27, 2000, the FCRF is an essential instrument of the Franco-Canadian research cooperation (250 joint research projects funded). The creation of the Innovation Platform will draw on the reputation and expertise of the FCRF, which has been active for 19 years, as well as on the existing synergies between scientific communities in France and Canada.

Common areas of interest in key strategic sectors

IN2NOVATION services are targeting research projects in the 6 strategic areas identified as key priorities by France and Canada: AI and Digital, Biosciences and Health, Oceans, Environment, Agrotechnologies and Aeronautics. Both countries have extensive scientific expertise and are world leaders in several research domains. 

These strategic sectors are included in the Joint Statement focused on the innovation cooperation between France and Canada. This statement, signed on October 12, 2016, created a teamwork dedicated to innovation which goal is to reinforce partnerships on technology.