France-Canada Innovation Platform


Functioning, terms and procedures of In2novation

Innovative companies interested in using IN2NOVATION’s services must respect the following key steps.

Companies willing to benefit from the services offered by In2novation should first contact the administrator to present their project and determine their needs and expectations.

In2novation now offers to subscribe to In2novation to participate more actively in the various activities around innovation in France and Canada. Subscribers receive a quarterly newsletter, and are invited to participate in events organized by In2novation.

For clients who wish to use our matchmaking services, talk to the administrator to define the project, the R&D needs that arise from it and establish a joint specification.

2 options are proposed: 

  • Option 1: If the call for proposals is open, the company’s project is  circulated in universities and laboratories by the co-presidents, through their network, and by the Administrator, via the website and the notifications sent to the subscribers.
  • Option 2: If the call for proposals is restricted, the Platform respects the level of confidentiality established by the company. The project is shared in a restricted way and the co-presidents prospect the potential academic teams.

In2novation team searches among academic research teams in France or Canada for the expert who can best meet the company's needs. A list of several laboratories is established.

In2novation connects the client with the academic expert during a virtual meeting or in person. An NDA is set up to allow for free discussion. Following this first discussion, both partners determine the continuation of the collaboration.

The company establishes the appropriate legal framework with the selected research teams. The administrator accompanies the realization of the contract with the host research institution.

The company pays In2novation a service fee, the amount of which has been determined in advance in the Membership Agreement. The matchmaking fee depends on the R&D project.

In2novation team provides follow-up and support once the collaborative project has started.