France-Canada Innovation Platform


In2novation — Posted 11/04/2019 - 08:56

Call for mobilization

Appel à mobilisation

Are you a company wishing to externalize its R&D capabilities in order to improve or develop an innovative product for commercialization purposes? We are the solution!

IN2NOVATION is an innovative intermediation tool dedicated to France-Canada cooperation for innovation, connecting Canadian and French companies with academic and research teams in France or Canada.

Contact us to express your interest in using the Platform, specifying the theme and goals of your R&D project, and we will guide you towards those research partners who are best able to meet your needs in terms of innovation. The France-Canada Innovation Platform offers you great advantages to enable you to cooperate optimally and support you in your projects:

  • IN2NOVATION gives you access to a wide network of laboratories and research institutes in France and Canada as well as to their associated incubators
  • IN2NOVATION is attentive to your specific needs in 6 economic sectors (AI and digital technologies, biosciences and health, environment, oceans agrotechnologies and aeronautics)
  • IN2NOVATION supports you in the definition of your calls for projects, in the prospecting of partners and in the selection of your future academic collaborators

This inaugural call opens on November 1st, 2019. No deadline has been prescribed.